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Who am I?

I create and write audio dramas, including the award-winning HARRY STRANGE RADIO DRAMA, and THE ADVENTURES OF SCARLETT HOOD. My LADY SHERLOCK HOLMES MYSTERIES episode, ‘The Lady in Red’, performed at DragonCon and the National Audio Theatre Festival in 2021, won the NATF’s Platinum Festival Fan Favorite award.

A Kindle Vella reboot of the Harry Strange Radio Drama as a prose novel is here and the first three episodes/chapters are available free: https://www.amazon.com/kindle-vella/episode/B0B13WV1CR

Check out my short fiction in the GEORGIA GOTHIC anthology, THE LEGENDS OF NEW PULP anthology, both available on AMAZON, http://www.amazon.com/Tony-Sarrecchia/e/B00SUQP7HM. There are also audio stories on the WICKED LIBRARY Podcast and VICTORIA’S LIFT Podcast.

My first feature film, Where the Walls Cry, a supernatural thriller, is in preproduction with Scary Times Productions.

I am a member of the Horror Writers Association and the Mystery Writers of America.

I live in Atlanta by way of New Jersey, Nebraska, and Florida, with my wife and a rescue boxador. My favorite breed of dog is a rescue and I always, ALWAYS, want to see a picture of your dog.

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Tony Sarrecchia

Tony Sarrecchia creates audio dramas, including the award-winning HARRY STRANGE RADIO DRAMA, the SCARLETT HOOD ADVENTURES, and the LADY SHERLOCK MYSTERIES. He also writes prose stories and is a member of the HWA and the Mystery Writers of America.