Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Woo Hoo! We Have Numbers from Spotify

The awesome folks at Spotify published a list of stats today for the Harry Strange Radio Program and I would like to share them with you. 

Overall, I am excited to see that we are still in the top 15 percent of all podcasts given we dropped our last episode about 3 years ago. Thanks to all of you who continue to spread the word about Harry Strange!

Reviews are awesome and it helps others find our story (and wouldn't it be selfish not to share it with them? Please remember to leave Harry Strange a review regardless of which platform you listen.

Thank you to the 7 folks who put us as number one (

Up by 137 percent! That's a lot of folks discovering Harry Strange for the first time. Given the age of our show, I have to believe that you are responsible for telling the world about everyone's favorite supernatural thriller.

Round Round Get Around, Harry gets around. But we always kinda knew that.

Thank you all for the love you've shown us this year. Tell two friends about Harry Strange (Spotify link) and let's see if we can beat these numbers in 2023!


Tuesday, August 30, 2022

See Me at Dragon Con 2022!

Hey, folks! I am attending Dragon Con in Atlanta this year as an attending professional. That means you can come to my panels and hear me discuss various nerdy topics of which I may know or may know nothing about. Which is which? You'll have to be there to find out.

Since this is my first year attending as a professional, I am celebrating by giving away ribbons to folks who are into that sorta thing. Just find me (hint, my schedule is below) and say, 'Hey Tone, can I have a ribbon?', and you will be the proud owner of your very own Harry Strange Ribbon suitable for attaching to your lanyard or other parts of your person.

Besides my official schedule below, I will also attend at least one of the ARTC shows (Friday and/or Sunday night). If you are using the DragonCon app (and, really, you should) you can find my schedule by selecting SPEAKERS from the main page and then typing my name in the Speakers search bar. 

I hope to see you there!

Tony Sarrecchia's Dragon Con (2022) Schedule
Title: Gothic Literature: Ruin and Evil 
Time: Thu 07:00 pm Location: Peachtree 1-2 Westin (Length:1 Hour) 
Description: An examination of Gothic themes in literature and how they continue to inform modern writers. 
Panelists: Darrell Z. Grizzle, Beth Dolgner, Leanna Renee Hieber, Gail Z. Martin(M), Tony Sarrecchia 
Title: What the %#?! is Dark Fantasy? 
Time: Thu 08:30 pm Location: Peachtree 1-2 Westin (Length:1 Hour) 
Description: Authors discuss the slippery genre that has been dubbed "dark fantasy." 
Panelists: Tony Sarrecchia(M), Jonathan Maberry, Jessica Ann York, R.R. Virdi, David Boop, Garon Whited 
Title: You Couldn't Do It Without Me: Secondary Characters in UF 
Time: Fri 10:00 am Location: Chastain 1-2 Westin (Length:1 Hour) 
Description: Do you sometimes wish your favorite secondary characters would get more attention? Our panelists agree & will explain the ways their creations add depth & enjoyment to their stories & worlds. 
Panelists: Travis Heermann, Marx Pyle, Jennifer Morris(M), Kimbra Swain, L.J. Hachmeister, Tony Sarrecchia 
Title: Film Noir: A Discussion on Its Building Blocks and Style 
Time: Sat 11:30 am Location: Macon Sheraton (Length:1 Hour) 
Description: What constitutes a genre, and what makes the genre into something easy to recognize as soon as you spot it? Are there characteristics that place something squarely into the noir genre? Our authors gather and discuss the trappings of The Gritty Detective and what they enjoy of the genre. 
Panelists: Philip Greco(M), Quincy J Allen, Bobby Nash, Dan Jolley, Tony Sarrecchia, Bill Mulligan 
Title: Sidekicks--Crafting Great Secondary Characters 
Time: Sat 05:30 pm Location: Embassy EF Hyatt (Length:1 Hour) 
Description: All the great heroes have sidekicks. What can make a sidekick memorable without letting them take over the book or story? 
Panelists: Nancy Knight(M), Trisha J. Wooldridge, Patricia L. Briggs, J.D. Blackrose, Tony Sarrecchia, Alex White


Wednesday, June 1, 2022

Harry Strange: Eternal Hearts Press Release

For Immediate Release:

Tony Sarrecchia released the first Harry Strange tie-in novel, HARRY STRANGE: ETERNAL HEARTS. The story is the first in The Strangeverse universe that expands on the world created in the award-winning HARRY STRANGE RADIO DRAMA. ETERNAL HEARTS’ release is on Kindle Vella, Amazon’s serialized fiction network, and features the first 3 episodes as free downloads. Episodes drop every other day Monday through Friday. International readers will have access to the story via Tony’s Patreon page.

ETERNAL HEARTS follows Harry Strange, an immortal private investigator, as he searches for a missing person. His investigation leads him to a doomsday cult attempting to raise an ancient entity that will create a devastating new world order. Along the way, Strange battles werewolves, fae, and small-town tough guys. Based on characters featured in the Harry Strange Radio Drama.


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