May 13, 2011 • 25M

Harry Strange 111: The Immortal

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Tony Sarrecchia
Harry Strange is an award winning radio drama that tells the tale of a private investigator whose beat takes him into the supernatural. Harry's adventures bring him face-to-face with demons, succubi, vampires and all manner of 'unnatural' and the occasional 'natural' evil.
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Vampire chicks with guns; waffles smothered and covered; and Lilith is back. Need I say more?


Tonight's episode, Harry Strange 111: The Immortal,  was written and directed by Tony Sarrecchia and produced by Breanne Ahearn.  All material is copyright (c) by Tony Sarrecchia and used with his permission.

Featured in tonights cast were: Kellen Stennett, Parisa Johnston, Ray Saltrelli

Harry’s theme music was written and performed by Lance Haugen (Hogan) and is copyright by Lance Haugen and used with his permission. Contact Lance at his email  

Incidental music was written and performed by Kevin Macleod and is copyright by Kevin Macleod and used with his permission. Visit for more of Kevin’s music.

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