Welcome to the Strangeverse
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Christmas in the Strangeverse 2012: The Last Christmas

Christmas in the Strangeverse 2012: The Last Christmas

It’s two weeks before Christmas, 1940, and Harry is on the trail of missing reporter. His investigation leads him to plot involving spies, Nikola Tesla, Elder Gods and the destruction of mankind! Can he save the world or is this going to be the Last Christmas?

This is full cast, full-length (a little over two hours) episode; so grab some hot chocolate, your best guy or girl, and enjoy the ride!


Christmas in the Strangeverse 2012: The Last Christmas, was written by Tony Sarrecchia and directed by Jason Tyler. Production Assistant on this episode was Tricia Groves. All material is copyright 2012 (c) by Tony Sarrecchia and used with his permission.

Featured in tonight’s cast were: 

Michael Donelan                                                                                                                 

Brian Troxell                                               

Dave Berry                                      

Barry Piacente                                       

Kellen Stennett                                         

Kathryn Claypool                                     

Tony LaRocca                                        

Dante DeSenzo                                        

Craig Johnston                                       

Jason Tyler                                   

Tisch Parmelee                                    

Tricia Groves                                    

Parisa Johnston  


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Harry’s opening theme music was written and performed by Ryan Lessard and is used with his permission. Contact Ryan at: rlessardmusic@gmail.com.

Incidental music was written and performed by Kevin Macleod and is copyright by Kevin Macleod and used with his permission. Visit incompetech.com/ for more of Kevin’s music.

Additional thanks to Vanessa Schill, Ryan Schill, Cj at KSU Owl Radio, Bob at Sillysnowman Radio and, of course, Jo Pruden, who’s been with me since the start.

~Tony Sarrecchia

Welcome to the Strangeverse
Harry Strange Radio Drama TOS
“Magic and magical people—the ‘unnatural order’ is all around us. There are good witches, evil witches, demons, vamps, werewolves, shape shifters, ghosts; it’s a protoplasmic party of creature features out there. But unless you know where to look, you won’t find them. I know where to look. My name is Harry Strange.”
And so begins each episode of the Harry Strange Radio Drama, an award-winning, full-cast, scripted audio drama. Harry is a crusader for justice, and champion of an archangel who makes his own decisions regardless of what the ‘good guys’ desire. Because of a promise Harry made, he is “both painfully mortal and achingly immortal, and those conflicting impulses mesh with an almost unearthly smoothness throughout his casebook history.”
A combination of “Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar”, and “Constantine” Harry Strange is a whiskey-swilling adventure that combines the golden age of radio with contemporary storytelling.
All content Copyright (c) 2011 - Forever by Tony Sarrecchia. All Rights Reserved.