Tony Sarrecchia is a storyteller whose tales include the award-winning Harry Strange Radio Drama podcast, a full cast, supernatural thriller; radio drama adaptations of science-fiction and steam-punk novels; a short story of unlikely apocalypse survivors; and a novella about a rabies outbreak in a major city.

In 2017 he was hired to write radio-drama adaptations of Jeremiah Willstone in A Choir of Demons, an Anthony Francis short story, as well as The Probability Broach, based off L. Niel Smith's novel The Probability Broach. During the same time, he has had two short stories published and performed in audio format. He's currently working on an original Sherlock adaptation for the Atlanta Radio Theatre Company and a cult-favorite zombie novel adaptation for radio as well. 

A professional speaker and presenter for 15 years for organizations like AT&T, Time Magazine, and Entertainment Weekly; he has also worked as a bouncer, disc jockey, sales manager, telemarketer and electronic warfare systems specialist. He often appears at conventions and book signings where he talks about writing, producing, and B-movies. 

He tweets regularly at https://twitter.com/tonythescribe and has a Facebook thingy at https://www.facebook.com/tonysarrecchia

In August of 2013, Tony became the proud owner of a 1999 Triumph Trophy 1200 motorcycle.

He has two children and lives in Atlanta with his wife (who is also his muse), and two rescue dogs: a boxador and a pit bull.

Buy his books here: https://www.amazon.com/Tony-Sarrecchia/e/B00SUQP7HM (or your favorite bookseller)
Like his IMDB page here: http://imdb.me/tonysarrecchia

Radio Drama/Audio Drama
Pop-pop's Gift, Episode Number 731 of The Wicked Library, October 2017
The Future Behind, Season 2 Episode 7 of The Lift, October 2017 
Sherlock Holmes in the case of The Dancing Cadavers, air date TBD
The Probability Broach, 5 episodes (Adaptation) air date TBD
Jeremiah Willstone in A Choir of Demons, (Adaptation) air date TBD
The Harry Strange Radio Drama, 45 episodes. 2011-2016


"Sunday Morning" episode 2 of Primrose Tales, air date tbd. Produced by Sawdust and Tinsel Productions


"The Aquarium" published in Legends of New Pulp Fiction, anthology, January 2016 by Air Ship 27 Press

Harry Strange in the Stones of Solomon the collected scripts of Season One of the Harry Strange Radio Drama. Published May 2015 by Pen to Parchment Press

"On the Road to Chattanooga" published in Fat Zombie, anthology, January 2015, by Permuted Press


Best Regularly Scheduled Program
College Broadcasters Inc
October 2011

Best in Show
College Broadcasters Inc
October 2011

Best of Festival (Audio)
Broadcaster Education Association
April 2012
For outstanding audio in the drama or comedy category: Harry Strange episode 116 "The Blink of an Eye"

Best Regularly Scheduled Program
College Broadcasters Inc
October 2012
October 2012 Harry Strange Radio Drama