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Harry Strange Live!

Have you always wanted to watch a Harry Strange Live episode? Of course you have! But maybe you couldn't get to the show--ya know, you lived out of town, your mom was visiting, you were in the middle of firefight with Orcs and Elder Gods... Well, good sir or good ma'am, now you can. 
This is our live performance of 'Bibbity Boppity' at Conjuration Con (Atlanta) 2014. 
What happens when a teen-aged girl reverts to her 8 year-old self in times of emotional stress?
Featured in the cast are Kellen Stennett, Evan Brandonisio, Victoria Petrosky, Anna Cate, Jason Tyler, Michael S Donelan, Melissa Oulton, Tricia Groves, and Emily Jane.
We didn't really have our poop together with the audio so what you'll hear was recorded from the camera's audio rather than a separate audio file. Enjoy!
Produced and Written by Tony Sarrecchia Directed by Jason Tyler Written by Evan Brandonisio Copyright (c) by Tony Sarrecchia. All rights Reserved.

Harry Strange Season Finale Teaser

Look for the 2 part season 3 finale to air later this month. Feel free to reshare, repost, retweet, and rerun this teaser with your friends and family!
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