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Massive End of Year Catch-Up Post

Do I need to mention that it's been a minute since I made an entry here? Probably not.
So what I have been writing this year?

1.Byron Chronicles Two-Part Audio Drama (Air date 2017) If you haven’t listened to The Byron Chronicles by Eric Busby you are doing yourself a disservice. The tales of the Pale-man of Portland are award-winning supernatural adventures that transverse universes and time. It was also one of the first audio-dramas I heard in the pre-Harry Strange days and one of the models I used when designing the adventures of Mr. Strange. So when Eric reached out to me in late 2015 and asked if I would be interested in writing an episode I was, in a word, ecstatic—giddy even. Cartwheels may have been involved--who can say? It was the AD equivalent of being asked to write an episode of a favorite television show. Look for my episode to air in early 2017. In the meantime...go catch up on those other episodes.
Link to The Byron Chronicles

2.Sunday Mourning (Horror Short: Air Date:…

"Night of the Bloodthirsty Ghouls" Released

I'm excited to announce that Pro Se Press has published my novella,  'Night of the Bloodthirsty Ghouls', as volume 2 in their 'Ninth Circle' series. 
From the blurb: "Nurse Nancy Harrigan's Mercy Center is under attack by unknown forces while a virus is turning the denizens of the Ninth Circle into bloodthirsty rage monsters. With Detective Stoddard and the other mobsters closing in has Nancy finally met her match? "