Monsterama October 2 - 4 Atlanta

My Monsterama Schedule for this weekend, you should be there:


10 AM 
From Page to Panel, Writing Comics: Nancy Collins, Cliff Biggers, Francisco Francavilla, Tony Sarrecchia (mod)

6 PM 
Podcasts and Radio: Podcast shows are the latest trend in author platforms. How do you start a podcast? Should you? James A Moore, David Skal, Mike Gordon, Tony Sarrecchia (mod)

7 PM
Supernatural vs. Paranormal - What is the difference and how do you write it? Tony Sarrecchia, Charles Rutledge, Bill Ritch, Cat Scully (mod) 

8 PM
Monster Mutations: Science Gone Wrong From Frankenstein to zombie viruses, panelists talk science and monsters. Tony Sarrecchia, Bill Ritch (mod), James Newman


1 PM
The Immortal Legacy: Vampires in books, TV and Films: Nancy Collins, James Newman, Amanda DeWees, David Skal, Tony Sarrecchia (mod)


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