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The Legends of New Pulp Fiction is released!


I am pleased to announce that my short story, "The Aquarium," is available in the newest collection from Airship 27 Productions: The Legends of New Pulp Fiction (   This is not my usual horror yarn, though parts of the story are horrific, but a crime tale featuring "Doc" Salvatore Scaldero, former enforcer for an outlaw motorcycle club.
This book is a fundraiser for Tommy Hancock, a writer/publisher/editor in the New Pulp movement who is suffering from congestive heart failure. Ron Fotier and Jaime Ramos came up with the idea to publish a book to help offset Tommy's medical costs. The result is a tome weighing in at almost 4 pounds with 60+ authors and 40 artists contributing to the piece. When you buy your copy of the book, you'll get 62 pulse pounding pulpish tales and Tommy gets much-needed funds. 
You can read the full press release here: http…

Monsterama October 2 - 4 Atlanta

My Monsterama Schedule for this weekend, you should be there:
10 AM  From Page to Panel, Writing Comics: Nancy Collins, Cliff Biggers, Francisco Francavilla, Tony Sarrecchia (mod)
6 PM  Podcasts and Radio: Podcast shows are the latest trend in author platforms. How do you start a podcast? Should you? James A Moore, David Skal, Mike Gordon, Tony Sarrecchia (mod)
7 PM Supernatural vs. Paranormal - What is the difference and how do you write it? Tony Sarrecchia, Charles Rutledge, Bill Ritch, Cat Scully (mod) 
8 PM Monster Mutations: Science Gone Wrong From Frankenstein to zombie viruses, panelists talk science and monsters. Tony Sarrecchia, Bill Ritch (mod), James Newman
1 PM The Immortal Legacy: Vampires in books, TV and Films: Nancy Collins, James Newman, Amanda DeWees, David Skal, Tony Sarrecchia (mod)

Harry Strange in The Stones of Solomon

For the first time in print, the first season scripts of The Harry Strange Radio Drama.

A beautiful woman walks into Harry's office and asks him to recover some property stolen by her ex-lover. Harry surmises two things, she's not telling him everything, and she's rich. This is his kind of case. He takes the case, cashes her check and loses his taste for red meat for awhile. Much later, he'll discover those 'little stones' can mean the end to creation.

Along the way to saving the world Harry fights demons, the mistress of nightmares, vampires, werewolves, Lilith, and a horrible little troll of a man named Mr. K.

These are the original, uncut scripts from the award winning Harry Strange Radio Drama.  Episodes in this edition:

Harry Strange 101: Comes a Hero
Harry Strange 102: Teenaged Girls do the Darnedest Things
Harry Strange 103: The White Lady
Harry Strange 104: The Mara (Part I)
Harry Strange 105: The Mara (Part II)
Harry Strange 106: The Mara (Part III)
Harry St…

Cover Reveal: Harry Strange in The Stones of Solomon


Harry Strange is on Stitcher!

Hey folks, The Harry Strange Radio Drama is now on Stitcher ( and needs your love. Five reviews gets Harry into the List Rankings. If you could click on the link, and give a review to the episode you love best, that would be a HUGE help to us. Thanks!

"On the Road to Chattanooga" is Published

In 2013 I wrote a short story about an overweight, diabetic asthmatic trying to survive a zombie apocalypse. Well, sir or ma'am, I am happy to report that the story "On the Road to Chattanooga" is in the Fat Zombie anthology, published by Permuted Press and edited by Paul Mannering (author of the Tankbread series). If that's not cool enough, it also includes a forward by Joe McKinney, (the Dead World series). 
Show some love (and maybe a kind review) by picking up a copy or three.