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The First 60 miles or What the Full Throttle Was I Thinking?

Have you ever tried to lift a 600 pound motorcycle back to its upright position while fuel spills over the pavement faster than your ego spills from your head? Five minutes earlier I had signed the paperwork for my first motorcycle. Now it lay on its side in the dealership parking lot whilst I struggled to get it back up on its kickstand. Gas continued to pool out around the engine--I was reminded of the scene in a crime show when someone lying on the ground from a gunshot wound and their blood is oozing out around their skull.
It seemed like such a good idea at the time...
I had taken a two-day intensive training with 10 of the 16 hours spent riding around a track and learning how to safely maneuver a bike amongst painted lines and cones. The class was well worth the money and I cannot recommend it enough for new riders. If you successfully pass the BRC (Basic Rider Class) you receive a certificate for your motorcycle endorsement meaning you don't have to take any further traini…

I rode my motorcycle in the rain

536: That's what my odometer read on the way to the bus stop this morning. It was a rainy 45 degrees. And I was on my motorcycle. My motorcycle! The 536 miles represented not only the miles I put on my bike, but also the total number of biker miles I had under my leather boots. It was the first time in a week I had my bike out and, even though it was a short ride in uncomfortable weather, it felt good. Almost a Zen-like experience.
My adventure in biking began as an innocuous conversation with some friends. The husband had just bought a scooter and was telling my wife and me the benefits of such a purchase. Later, after the dishes were cleared and Jo and I were lying in bed I asked her what she thought of me getting a scooter. She said, 'You're too big for a scooter; you'd look like a dork—why not just buy a motorcycle?’

Now--stop everything and reread that last sentence. My wife had just suggested I buy a motorcycle---nay, not just suggested but encouraged the purch…