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Season 2 of Harry Strange... almost underway. We are about 90% cast for the first 6 episodes so if you know someone who wants to do a little voice acting, send them this way.

This Sunday we do the table reads of 201-206. It's very exciting. This season feels a little odd because I know folks are listening. When we recorded S1, we hadn't any idea if anyone would listen. I am happy to say that many of you did: a couple hundred or so on the radio stream and another ~850 download each episode of the pod. Not bad for mostly word of mouth advertising and the 'Sigler Bump.'

So now that we know your listening and, based on the email I receive, enjoying the show, the pressure is on to perform better in S2. Will we? I think so. But we are counting on you to keep us honest.


Harry Strange Episode 1 excerpt

In anticipation of the January 30 launch of the Harry Strange radio drama, here is an excerpt of the script for episode one.

Harry Strange 101-Comes a hero (Excerpt).pdf

Harry Strange Air Date Set

For Immediate Release
Contact: Tony Sarrecchia

Radio horror serial launching January 30 January 30 marks the return of serialized radio drama to the Atlanta airwaves.  Kennesaw State University radio ( will begin airing Harry Strange, a radio serial stylized on the classic radio dramas of the 40s and 50s but playing against a contemporary backdrop. “We’re excited and thrilled to be bringing this style of radio back to the airwaves,” said Reggie Joseph, General Manager of the student run radio station. “This type of experimental programming is what people expect from college radio. We are happy to be the ones to give it to them.” The story, written by Tony Sarrecchia, centers on Harry Strange, a private investigator whose beat is the supernatural and paranormal.  “If you’re a fan of Supernatural, Buffy/Angel or Doctor Who, you’ll enjoy Harry Strange,” Sarrecchia said. In addition to playing on KSU radio, the episodes will be available on…

Is it 2011 already?

Holy year-gone-by, it’s 2011 already!

When did this happen? It seems like just yesterday my kids were starting school and now they are both out. Damn. Guess it’s time to start eating dinner at 4:00 and listening to the mellow oldies station. Or not.

Last year was a good year—we recorded all the episodes of the Harry Strange Radio Drama. I started a screenplay on a Strangeverse related character and a stage play of Mr. Strange himself. I attended my first Goddess Party and met many cool and creative folks. And I think 2011 is going to be even better. Harry Strange will be debuting on-air very soon (see how I tease you) and I believe big things will follow.

This month will be busy busy busy but I will continue to update twitter (follow me at!/tonythescribe) and our Facebook page (which you should like here: with happenings. Look for an excerpt of the script for episode 1 of Harry Strange to be released later this week and then the announce…