Illustration Friday: Hierarchy


Interesting choice of word to illustrate—and by interesting I mean—wtf? But hey, it certainly was a challenge to come up with something unique to represent the mundane.

The only thing I could think of was one of those organizational charts that list the boss in the big box at the top, and then the descending echelons of minions, lackeys and worker bees. The chart where people hope that they are at least as high (if not higher) on the feeder scale than the schmuck who wants you to buy his daughter’s Girl Scout cookies.

Anyway—I’ve seen (and designed) enough of the ‘org’ chart that my mind automatically goes there for ‘hierarchy’ and refuses to leave. Thus, I bring you the little doodle below. For those who keep track of this stuff: this ‘toon was created Illustrator CS3 though it probably could have been done just as easily in MS Paint.

I appreciate your comments.

Hierarchy Man cartoon by Tony Sarrecchia


  1. Oh man, you had to use MS Comic Sans!!! But except the choice of font I like the idea and art!

  2. Thanks, Paul.

    I share your dislike of Comic Sans, but it seemed to work with this 'toon.

  3. Haha! This is a funny idea, very well done :) I like the fire in his feet and he does have a very superior look to him! The background is cool and love the colours and shapes. Nice one Tony!

  4. Hah...I like the modern art background contrast effect...

  5. Hee, hee, hee, that is to funny and brilliant!! I like the way you think!


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