Lady Sherlock is Available for Pre-Order

My new novella, Lady Sherlock Holmes in the Case of the Dancing Cadavers, is available for pre-order on Kindle. This is the same story that the Atlanta Radio Theater Company will perform live at 221B Con in April 2018. Order your copy now! (Note--that is not the final cover art).

"When an undertaker’s daughter witnesses her father’s suicide, she is suspicious; when she sees cadavers dancing in his morgue, she knows skullduggery is at play. She turns to the world’s foremost, and only, consulting detective to solve the mystery.

Set in a world where England and France sail among the stars in Outer Atmospheric Ships, while America enters its reconstruction period; Lady Sherlock is a non-traditional hero in a universe filled with automatons, directed-energy-beams, and analytical engines.

This edition includes the radio script adaptation performed by the Atlanta Radio Theater Company at a convention in Atlanta, as well as a teaser for the next novella."

Flash Fiction: A Christmas Resolution

A Christmas Resolution Three minutes to midnight.
I'd spent the year trying to stay off the big man's list. Or at least keep on the right side. Sure, I robbed that old lady—I needed the cash, but I did put 12 percent of my take in the church offering box. Heck, even the Good Book doesn't say how much to give, just that you should.
Two minutes to midnight. It's not easy keeping off his radar. That guy in the bar—just a misunderstanding, but then he had to go and dis me in front of all those people. I sent him a card while he was in ICU. Oh, and flowers to his kids. That's gotta count for something, right?
One minute to midnight. The ex—she really makes it tough: Trying to keep my kids from me. I’m not paying for the privilege to see my kids…I don’t care what the court says. I got her junkie-ass a little somethin’ for the season. Maybe I'll let her see the kids when she gets out.
Midnight. He kicked in the door and, in a blink, I saw it all: white beard, red suit…

We are back on iTunes!

Harry Strange radio drama is now available on iTunes!

Please follow this link Harry Strange TOS on iTunes to subscribe. When iTunes relisted us, they lost all our ratings and reviews. If you could show us a little love there it would help get regain the ground we've lost over the past year. Thanks!

Harry Strange Episode 314: What Lovecraft Said Part 1

Harry Strange episode 314: What Lovecraft Said Part 1 was written by Tony Sarrecchia and directed by Jason Tyler. Sound Design by Molly Silverman. All material is copyright (c) 2016 by Tony Sarrecchia and used with his permission.

Featured in tonight’s cast were (in order of appearance):
Kellen Stennett, Crystal Lo, Joe Roesch, Stephanie Wilkinson, Leanna Adams, Laura Corliss, Jackie Costello, and Michael Donelan

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Harry’s opening and closing theme music was written and performed by Ryan Lessard and is copyright by Ryan Lessard and used with his permission. Contact Ryan at:

Incidental music was written and performe…

Harry Strange Live!

Have you always wanted to watch a Harry Strange Live episode? Of course you have! But maybe you couldn't get to the show--ya know, you lived out of town, your mom was visiting, you were in the middle of firefight with Orcs and Elder Gods... Well, good sir or good ma'am, now you can. 
This is our live performance of 'Bibbity Boppity' at Conjuration Con (Atlanta) 2014. 
What happens when a teen-aged girl reverts to her 8 year-old self in times of emotional stress?
Featured in the cast are Kellen Stennett, Evan Brandonisio, Victoria Petrosky, Anna Cate, Jason Tyler, Michael S Donelan, Melissa Oulton, Tricia Groves, and Emily Jane.
We didn't really have our poop together with the audio so what you'll hear was recorded from the camera's audio rather than a separate audio file. Enjoy!
Produced and Written by Tony Sarrecchia Directed by Jason Tyler Written by Evan Brandonisio Copyright (c) by Tony Sarrecchia. All rights Reserved.

Harry Strange Season Finale Teaser

Look for the 2 part season 3 finale to air later this month. Feel free to reshare, repost, retweet, and rerun this teaser with your friends and family!
Check out the latest Harry Strange Radio Drama Episode!

Open Call Audio Drama Audition

Tony Sarrecchia (The Harry Strange Radio Drama) is holding open auditions for a new Steampunk audio drama that will be produced in conjunction with the Atlanta Radio Theater Company. The story, an adaptation of Anthony Francis’s Jeremiah Willstone series will be recorded in Atlanta and is scheduled to be available through several distribution channels later this year. English actress and voice-over artist Emma Greene (Swamp Murders, The Harry Strange Radio Drama, An Elf’s Story) will play the title character who is a “third-generation female soldier from a world where women’s liberation happened a century earlier than ours”  in tales of  “betrayal, corsets, and ray guns.” Jeremiah has appeared in eight stories, with four more stories, a novella, and audio adventures on the way! Most exciting of all, she’s now appearing in her first novel-length adventure, Jeremiah Willstone and the Clockwork Time Machine! A sprawling tale of brass buttons, steam-powered ray-guns, and rollicking adven…